Call us for a free quote so that we may discuss your needs, ideas and budgets. Plan to order your invitations 4-6 months in advance;
also taking into account the time it takes to address and mail it to your guests.

So you've chosen Papier for your special event. We'll get hard to work compiling elements that match your style, palette and event.
Due to the custom nature of our business, a 50% deposit is due at this time. This is also the stage where you should decide
on the wording for your invitation. Remember to include RSVP info.

Creation Process/Proofing
Based on the information collected, your project will begin to take form. Digital PDF proofs will be emailed to you for review.
Check these carefully for spelling, grammar, layout and punctuation. As an extra precaution have another set of eyes
review the whole thing. We're working with you every step of the way to get it perfect!

You love it! We're so happy! Once final approval is given in writing, we are unable to make any further changes.
We're almost there and now it's time to heat up the presses. NOTE: Remember, not every guest requires their own invitation.
Couples or families will only require one so keep this in mind for your total order quantity. It's recommended that you order
an additional 10-15% extra for last minute additions and souvenirs.

Many elements of your project will be assembled by hand. Every effort is made so that every piece is as perfect as the last
and we think any minor differences due to this process adds to the charm and the statement of a truly unique process and product!
Please allow 2-4 months for this process.

Your invitations are done. Final payment is now due. Please note that any courier charges will be an additional cost.
The only question left is... where should we send them?

We stand by our products and are committed to delivering the highest quality items. If you are unhappy with the process or product,
please talk to us and let us know so that we may address the issue. If a printing error was made on our part we will rectify the situation with
the reprinting and exchange of your item. However if an error was missed (eg. spelling) during the final proofing process, we can not offer any
reprints or exchanges. By accepting the final proof, you accept responsibility for this final draft. We do not offer refunds for any part of your order.